Hockeypuck OpenPGP Public Keyserver

1. Community

1.1. Github

See contributing for a guide to all the Github projects that comprise the Hockeypuck product.

1.1.1. Issues

If you're having a problem with the Hockeypuck server, you should open an issue on For historical reasons, there are also issues open on, because that used to be the entire codebase of the product.

Open an issue on the other projects if your issue pertains specifically to its isolated use. For example, if you use conflux in some other application, you should definitely open a bug there.

1.2. Mailing List

Use hockeypuck-devel for community discussion of Hockeypuck development and direction of the project. Announcements will be posted there.

1.3. Support

Hockeypuck is supported as a free and open-source project on my personal spare time. I'm happy to attempt to fix things as free time and interest permit, so long as this work benefits everyone.

1.3.1. Professional Services

Contact Cmars Technologies LLC to make a bid for commercial support. My time is limited, but I can be persuaded to reprioritize.


Casey Marshall