Hockeypuck OpenPGP Public Keyserver

1. About

Hockeypuck is an OpenPGP public keyserver.

2. Latest Release

The latest release of Hockeypuck is 2.1.0.

Hockeypuck 2.x is a significant redesign of the original Hockeypuck 1.x, which is now deprecated. All bug fixes and new development will be on 2.x releases.

3. Features

3.1. OpenPGP Standards

Hockeypuck implements the HKP draft protocol specification as well as several extensions to the protocol supported by SKS.

Public key material conforming to RFC 4880 is supported by the keyserver, as are RFC 6637 ECC keys. As-of-yet unsupported key material, such as recent Ed25519 signing keys, may be distributed by Hockeypuck, however Hockeypuck is not able to validate them yet.

3.2. SKS Reconciliation Protocol

Hockeypuck can synchronize public key material with SKS and other Hockeypuck servers. Recon protocol support is provided with the Conflux package.

3.3. Modular storage backend

Hockeypuck uses PostgreSQL ≥ 9.4 for storing indexed key material. The architecture supports additional storage backends, which must implement a simple set of Go interfaces.

3.4. Flexible rendering

Hockeypuck internally represents key material with an arbitrary document model that can be used with web applications by rendering it to JSON in responses. HTML responses can be customized by authoring a template that operates on the document model.

4. Install

Several options are available:

5. Next Steps

6. License

Copyright 2012-2015 Casey Marshall. Hockeypuck is distributed under the Affero GNU Public License, version 3.

In general, any use of Hockeypuck privately within an organization (including a company) is fine. Redistribution kicks in only when you publish services to other parties.

The AGPL license (and my intent in licensing it such) DOES NOT permit the following distribution scenarios:

Contact me for licensing alternatives (or if you're still not quite sure).


Casey Marshall