Hockeypuck OpenPGP Public Keyserver

1. Installing a binary tarball release

2. Download

Download a [[][gzip-compressed tar archive release from Github]] for your operating system and architecture. Generally, Hockeypuck can be built for any Unix-like platform that the Go language compiler and linker supports.

3. Install

3.1. Extract into '/'

The archive can be extracted into '/'. This will preserve the path references in the archived files.

3.2. Or chroot, run in a container, etc.

For added security, you could extract into an arbitrary path and chroot the Hockeypuck process, or extract it over an LXC rootfs. If you do this, consider the implications for a local UNIX domain socket connection to PostgreSQL.

4. Packaging

The Hockeypuck binary archive distributions could be a useful starting point to build packages for other operating system distributions. Contributions to the packaging project would be welcome for RPMs, BSD ports, etc.

5. Running

Run Hockeypuck with:

/usr/bin/hockeypuck -config /etc/hockeypuck/hockeypuck.conf

6. Next steps


Casey Marshall